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Sunday, August 21, 2011


I love "Giveaways"   It's so fun!  And who doesn't love giving something away!  ha

So I would love to start doing them monthly!  But we need followers to give away to.  I see I have only two hand fulls that have actually tackled the "Follow Me" button and I am so thankful you even bother to read my nonsense!  LOL

So I plan to very soon unveil my new monthly giveaway blog day!  And we will play games, have drawings, and so forth to win them!  Can't wait!  So keep in touch!

By the way, here's my garden on my front porch.  I am so excited that they are still alive.  I do not have a green thumb.  But keeping these in my face on my front porch has helped me to keep them watered and loved on.  Still learning though.  My poor tomato plant has had limbs fall over and break off with tomatos growing on them.  SAD!  So I hope to do better next year.  But anyway here are a few pics.  They are producing and I am so Happy!!


  1. Lovely garden! I have that deadly thumb as well, so I know you're battle. haha! Giveaways...yay for fun!

  2. Love your garden plants. I planted a garden, but it hasn't done well at all. The ants came marching and I don't want to get attacked. ;-)