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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday afternoons

I just love Sunday afternoons!  So there I said it.  LOL

Wow, I feel so much better just telling you that.  ha

Anyway, sorry for the delay in my rantings.  We had a hectic week getting into the homeschool groove.  We are using a Virtual School online for my oldest child and it's a lot of phone work.  But hopefully things are beginning to work and we'll be on our merry way. 

Poor Gabriel began to feel ill on Thursday morning while me and Cate were on the phone with the teacher.  He battles nausea quite a bit so I just let him sit in the reliner off to the side.  He was curled up moaning and saying he was hurting.  I just figured he was exagerating for a little attention and I was stuck on this phone call.  I could just see Caitlin's face if I left her to deal with the teacher. ha  Anyway, within minutes he proved he was really hurting and sick.  All over the floor and rug.  Yikes!  I whisked him into the bathroom and it was awful!  The teacher unbenounced to her just kept talking away.  I finally realized I could mute my phone so I could speak to Gabriel.  It was the most ridiculous scene.  You know how you look back and think, I should have..., or I could have..., haha.

Anyway, thank goodness he is better and no one else suffered quite so badly.  He had a scare at church this morning but we left and he is better.  Thank goodness!

Hoping to have my first Giveaway lined up by tomorrow!  Who knew it would be so much work!  LOL

Happy Sunday!  See ya tomorrow!

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  1. Sorry about Gabriel. Have you considered food allergies? Jaidon has had stomach issues and we found it is related to a wheat allergy. Hope things get better and the school year smooths out for you.