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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We have a WINNER!!!!

I am super excited to announce our winner!

But I must reveal what our photo really is:


One of our precious baby chicks we raised a couple of years ago.
I just zoomed in real close:

Here's a picture of the cutie holding the chick:

He's not this little anymore but he's CUTE!  :)

Ok, so now the winner of the PURSE!!

JESSICA is our winner!!

Thank you ALL for your participation!  I LOVE to GIVE things away.
Already planning my next move.  ha

Jessica please email me at to
give me your info. so I can mail you the purse!

Can't wait until next time!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I'm so excited! I finally have my GiveAway completed!!  YAY!

So here it is:

It's hand made by Patty Jo!  :)
Isn't it cute???
This is suppose to be a purse about 9x16.  It's smaller in my

All the outside green areas are pockets.  Zipper Top.
And I lined the inside with matching fabric to make a nice finish!

This bag is very soft.  I stuffed it with paper to make it stand.
It would be a great Knitting bag to bring along to the kids games
or Taekwondo!  haha

The next one I will be sure to add some stiff panels so it can stand alone.
But this bag has plenty of uses.

So here's the details:
Here's a photo!  Guess what it is??

Comment in the comment section and share what you think it is!
Don't forget a name!

It's just for fun!  But try to guess!

We'll still choose by picking from all names in a bowl!
My children love to do that!

And as always the more people you tell and they share that you sent them
you get another entry for the drawing!  No limit!

If you have trouble commenting:
Please choose the Name/URL option.
For some reason blogger has issues.  I can't comment on
other blogs without using this option!
Sorry for the inconvenience!

**ENDS Sept. 27th., Tuesday at 8PM

Saturday, September 24, 2011

What NOT to say to a parent with a Special Needs Child!

Just a little something I think would be helpful.
When someone shares they have a Special Needs Child,
DON'T say:

"That'd be the child I put up for adoption!!"
I think that's the worst comment ever!

Oh and I'm sure it's something you shouldn't say to anyone for any reason!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Working on the GiveAway!

It's been an extremely busy week.

I am so excited about the next GiveAway but it's taking me a little time to get to it.
As most of you have gathered I homeschool.  That consumes most of our time.
Plus we are involved in activities outside the home including Taekwondo.
Which we love!!  Everyone should do it!  You want a workout, well Taekwondo
is a serious workout!!

Oh, back to the GiveAway!  LOL  I am hoping, "hoping" that is...
That I will be allowed the time tomorrow to finish up!!

Just wanted to check in as I had mentioned it earlier in the week!

See you soon!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our Life As We Know It

I posted about our son a few weeks back.
You never know what will happen in a day or in our lives as we know it.

I am learning everyday that what we thought something was or is may not be what we thought it was at all.  ha  See how I can ramble.  We have homeschooled our entire course of years except for one small stint last year first semester, when the kids attended a local Christian School.  I suppose that would be why we overlooked some things we might have been made aware of had they attended a local school sooner.  But anyway, we are in the process of having our son tested for any issues he may be dealing with.  I will keep that topic vague until we have solid answers.

He has daily issues with anxiety, nausea, OCD (doesn't like going places and needs to know where and time frames), and even fits of anger.  This list doesn't even touch the surface.  Trouble is he appears to most to be completely fine and very smart.  He is very smart!   But he isn't fine.  He has sleep trouble and focus issues.  Sensory difficulties.  Social difficulties.  I could go on and on...
I do not say this for anyone to feel sorry or to be whiney just talking about it is a help for me.  Plus I want to educate those around me as to why he acts the way he does or why he might say something that seems inappropriate. He does not intentially hurt peoples feelings, he has been taught to behave and be kind.  He also doesn't get sarcasm as you or I do.  For the longest time when I told the children they were being "ugly", he really thought I was saying he was "ugly"! Today he was angry and crying that he had to do Science.  So while hugging me he gave me a fierce and fast "squeeze".  It wasn't out of love, it was frustration.  I see him lashing out and having a hard time working through his feelings.  I know there are children and adults suffering with far worse mental issues.  He can communicate some things but then others he simply doesn't know what it is his mind is fighting.  It breaks my heart to think what might actually be going on in there.  What he fears and thinks about.  In this time we have searched for the answers from Physicians and so forth.  I have come to realize these are things that have been present at least since he was 2 yrs. old.  I suppose since he was never in daycare or school there was no one to notice the needs he had.  I always assumed he was stubborn.  He couldn't take naps as a toddler.  He'd never go to bed at night.  And even with no nap he would fight it, get out of bed until 11 and 12 o'clock at night.  He had issues looking you in the eye.  I had to constantly tell him to look at me.  Which was a constant battle.  I always assumed I didn't give him enough one on one attention.  I had my babies very close together.  He's the middle child.  He is so smart.  Loves Science, has compassion for animals and people, loves his video games, LOVES CHESS, loves Taekwondo,  loves pizza and hotdogs, loves to wear althletic pants, loves his fleece pillow case, loves his Grandparents, Loves his DADDY!!  He's a great child.  I love him so much!!  It breaks my heart to see him struggle and not understand why.  He has nausea and it has made him miserable.  It is being treated but not for sure what the REAL reason for it is quite yet.  Could be the anxiety, could be Gastro issues, Could be.....????
So many IF's and not many FOR SURES!  But God knows.  We just have to be open to His plan and allow Him to lead us.

Whatever he is dealing with mentally will hopefully be brought to light very soon.  I just can't spend every second explaining his behaviors.  A friend told me she quit explaining.  She knows why they do what they do.  God is in control.  We grow when we are in valleys.  He wants us to be humble and reach out to those around us.

I pray I have told my story in an approving way that God might see fit.  I pray for this blog and those that read it will know my heart.  If you'd pray for Gabriel and us, I thank you so much!

If you have a prayer request you'd like to share in the comments, please do. We'd love to have the opportunity to pray for and with you about your needs.  Please read the Disclaimer  at the top of the screen for commenting.  Sad when you have to give directions because the site doesn't work!  LOL

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I love a good movie when I can force myself to stop long enough to even get into one.  LOL

But a dear friend shared this awesome website with me today and I wanted to share!

Take a look!

We just might have to start our own group and have a little fun with it!

Oh and I'm working on the next GiveAway!!

oping to unveil by the weekend if I Homeschool allows me the time I need! ha

If you have any thoughts or info about the above link, please share a comment!

Disclaimer: Silly blogspot has issues and some can't comment.  Don't worry it's nothing personal!  I can't comment either! haha  If you select the option: "Name/URL" and put your name in, YOU CAN COMMENT!!!!  How's that for ridiculous manuevers to work the comment section?!  O yeah!!
Unhuh!  hahaha

Friday, September 16, 2011

T shirt tank Tut. follow up

Remember the post about the Tutorial for a T-shirt Tank?

If not here's a link:

My sweet photographer/incredibly creative friend, Misty can make just
about anything!  :)  She has been blessed with many talents.

Well I have been determined to make something lately.
Couldn't just start cutting up the husbands shirts so I
waited.  But today I dug in his shirt drawers and found
an orange t-shirt I don't know that I've ever seen
him wear!  LOL
I mean that's how I convinced myself that it needed to be
reconstructed anyway, haha.

Well, after school and dinner it hit me!  My daughter has
become and Auburn fan.  Her two friends are Auburn fans
and they've recruited her. LOL

I thought that's the idea!!  I'll somehow make it an Auburn tank
for my daughter.  I made her get out a tank top she wears
under things.  I attempted to lay the t-shirt out and cut out
the tank I planned to make.

I envisioned the A and U that they use to signify the school.
I decided to ruffle it on the tank.

Here's a pic:

Funny thing is the tank is TOO TIGHT!!  haha
It's hard to tell here but she is like, can you make me one that fits??

I was like the vision is over. haha  I did it!  She didn't think I was
funny! ha  Anyway, this was my creative moment of the day!

Must think on this more and make something that actually fits
next time!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

We have a WINNER!!!!

How awesome!  We have a winner!!

I want to first thank Becci for her generous gift she is sharing!

Here is a link to her site!  Be sure to visit and make some purchases!

I was sure to capture the moment of the drawing of names this time!  LOL
Here's our list:

The bowl of names:

Here is Gabriel in Pajamas picking for us!

And the WINNER of the Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara is:

If you can't read it, it says AMBER KEEVER!!!  YAY!

Ok, we didn't meet the required 5 friends to comment for the

I decided to draw for a winner anyway.  And used the same names,
less one because Amber had been chosen. (But you must remember from the
first pic that Amber was in there several times)

And the WINNER of the Starbucks $5 giftcard is:

She's a double WINNER!!  :)

See so it pays to have your name in more than once.
I believe that every winner we've had with GiveAways has had their name in more than once
Crazy! ha  But it worked.

Thank you all for participating!

Can't wait to see what other GiveAway ideas we can come up with!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Night GIVEAWAY!!!

I just love a good GiveAway!!!!!

I mean what's better on a Tuesday night??  LOL

Well I have another fabulous Hostess!!
She is a super fabulous friend and has a wonderful business.

(I took that pic, LOL  Just had to throw that in there. haha)

She has shared a mini Bio about herself to share:

I’m a Mary Kay beauty consultant who is trying to get some more customers. I love makeup and helping others with makeup. One of my favorite things about Mary Kay is that most of their products they allow you to sample with no need to buy! I started selling Mary Kay because I love the products! My personal opinion is that they work better and last longer than any other products. (and trust me I have tried them all!) However, I know everyone has their own preference, I just ask that people try a sample to see if they don’t agree with me! :):) Another reason I decided to sell Mary Kay is because my health doesn’t allow me to work a regular job. However, I still wanted to be able to help make money and this offers me the opportunity make my own work schedule around my health problems. Most of all Mary Kay is a product that I believe in and have personally seen amazing results from not only myself but others as well! 

Another Link to her website:

Be sure to go by and share some love with her.  Buy everything she sells!
I want to be sure we support her for being so willing to GIVE!  :)
And the other business's that have been so kind! Make sure to visit
all their sites.  I'll be sure they are on my list of favorites!

I suppose you are all wondering what the BIG GIVEAWAY is this time.....

Becci has so graciously offered:



Some samples:
eye shadow and blush

How AWESOME is that??!!!???!!

I am so excited to share this!!


Now for the RULES!!  haha
Large text just seems so scary and with the RULES in there it just is funny! ha
Anyway, see how I get sidetracked so easily!

1. You HAVE to comment!!!  :)
If you don't, you CAN'T WIN!  LOL

2. So comment below, make SURE TO MENTION YOUR NAME!!!

3. Next we'd like to know if you've ever used Mary Kay before???
And if so: what you bought and how much you liked it!

4. If you get 5 friends to comment and leave your name in the comment as well,
not only will you be entered into the drawing for each friend but
you will be entered into an additional drawing for a
$5 Starbucks Gift Card!!

So let's get this party started.
To allow a little time for each of you to share with your friends
I will extend the Conclusion of this GIVEAWAY until
Thursday, Sept. 15th at 8 PM

So all comments must be made by then.
We will have the drawing at that time
and then post the WINNERS here!!

So be sure to keep an eye on this and get your friends over to participate!!

Forgot to mention:
If you have trouble posting. Use the: Name/URL option!!
Just enter your name if you don't have a website or blog
to share!  This is a Blogspot issue!  Sorry!


Feeling the Urge for another GiveAway!

We had one more offer for a freeby!!  She has the goods and such a great business!!  Will be on tonight to get it started!!  Come check it out!!!

By Their Fruits

By Their Fruits
I receive daily devotion emails from Alpha and Omega Homeschooling Materials.
They are such an encouragement to me I thought I'd share! 

September 13, 2011

How long do you need to teach your children at home before you "officially" become a homeschool family? Like the tests that evaluate a child's academic performance, you can assume homeschooling has arrived at your house when the following are true:

You have more books in your house than groceries.

Your children show up for school in their pajamas.

Your house d├ęcor consists of time lines, maps, assorted craft projects, and half-finished science experiments.

Your trips to the library require a laundry basket to hold all the books.

Your refrigerator is perpetually covered in art projects and completed assignments.

Your children think reading history is best achieved while lying on your bed with the family cats.

Your kitchen pantry holds more school supplies than cooking supplies.

Your child's favorite classmates are his siblings.

Christians, too, have distinct marks that help us gauge whether we are growing more Christ-like. In Galatians 5:22 we read of fruits that should be displayed if we are truly following the Lord — love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance. As these fruits become more evident in our lives, we can trust the Holy Spirit is working to conform us to the image of Christ (Romans 8:29). What about your life? Is there fruit that proves you're a follower of Jesus? "Ye shall know them by their fruits" (Matthew 7:16a).

I get these daily devotions in my email from Alpha and Omega.  Here is a link to them:

You can sign up to get them in your own email!  I promise you will not be disappointed!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

A day in the life

You know I have OCD tendancies.  I can get pretty frantic over the simplist things!
It's pretty pathetic.  I wish I had the care free attitude sometimes so I could
over look the simplest things.  My living room stay pretty much loking like
the photo below. ha  I mean I fix it and within minutes it seems
here it is again:

I try to remind myself the children will only be young once.  It's not a big deal.
I just still feel that tension rise in my gut when I see this picture. hahaha

I suppose the smaller your home is it appears to be a wreck when only
a few things are out of place.  So that would mean my house appears out
of whack most of the time.  LOL

I am just being silly really but I am so sure I have some OCD running
around in this mind.  It's silly things like closing the shower curtain
after you shower or rinsing your dishes and placing them in the
opposite sink tub.  Putting your shoes where they belong when you take
them off. Or throwing your dirty clothes in the dirty laundry and not
leaving them where you took them off, like the floor.


I suppose most of you can relate to this.  It's just a day in the LIFE!

Hope you had a great day!  Be back soon with more interesting ranting! ha

Sunday, September 11, 2011

And the WINNER is.....

Thank you all for participating!!

I love to give things away and showcase someones business!

Thank you so much  to Tabitha Pucket-Premier Designs Jeweler for being so Generous
and hosting this GiveAway!!

She is fabulous!

Without further chit chat, I announce our Premier Designs Winner...

Stephanie - All Things Beautiful!!!!


Didn't have time for pics this morning before church!
The husband drew for me!

Thank you all again!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Morning GiveAway!!! Woohoo!!

I am so excited to announce todays GiveAway!!!!

My sweet friend Tabitha was so kind and is hosting this
awesome GiveAway!!


And the beautiful piece she so generously is giving away:

Premier Designs Botanical Necklace
Sells for $27

You can visit her website here:

Tabitha can help you find the perfect pieces that you'll cherish for a long time to come.
If you contact her she'd be glad to help you find out how you can get free Jewelry!

Rules for this GiveAway are:

We shall keep it as simple as possible.

We are looking for new friends to meet and share
our crazy stories with.
So all you have to do is comment below and tell us if you've
ever purchased from Premier Designs before??

And be sure to share the site with your friends.
If they come and comment and mention your name, you
will be entered into the drawing everytime someone mentions your name.

So be sure you share your name so we may contact you if you are the WINNER!

If you feel led, click on follow this blog to stay tuned!
We will try to have regular giveaways and amusement along the way!

So let's get this started!  Comment away!

OH and we conclude this GiveAway Sunday morning at 8AM.

If you are having trouble commenting here, try using the name
and URL option.  I for some reason can not comment on
other blogs either.  What a pain! You can also go to my Facebook
and let me know you can't comment!  I will enter you
from there!
Facebook - Patty Jo

Another fun post to come!

So excited to announce we have two GiveAways lined up for the blog!!  A little hint.......????
LOL  One will be Jewelry!  ewww, ahhhh!!

The other.....  Make-Up!!!  ewww, ahhhh!!

So stay tuned!

Will unveil one tomorrow morning!!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Furniture Makeover!

Look at this pretty little thing!  I kind of wondered how old it is.  It doesn't
appear to be very old but I've never seen anything like it before.

I decided to look for a piece at the local thrift shop.  Found this and
actually left the store without it.  But after some longing to find the piece I
so badly wanted I went back and got it.

It will go under the window in my daughters room.  I plan to make a seat for the top.
She was with me when I found it and I could tell she just didn't
have the vision I have for seeing what it could be. haha

I thought I'd share.  I love to take something not so pretty and make something wonderful
from it.

It is a child's chest.  I loved the chess/checkers game top.

I had started to sand it already when I decided to take some photos.

Caitlin's room has Teal, Black and White in it.  She was very particular
when she chose the colors.  So I decided this would look great
black with a nice white/teal seat.  I plan to buy some fabric and foam to make the seat with.

I think Caitlin was shocked when she saw it.  She wasn't impressed when I bought it.
haha  I will share more pics when I get the materials for the seat.

I can't wait!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Face Lift

Patty Jo has received a FACE LIFT!!  I am so excited!!  My awesome artist husband has created that awesome blog header.  He drew the image and then finished the creation in Adobe Illustrator.  I am so stoked!  haha  I think it's funny as can be and I just love it! 

Comment and let us know whatcha think!

Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend!