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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Thought I'd share a few pics of our cat!  Oops I mean dog.  But he acts like a cat.  Seriously.  He doesn't "meow" but HE decides when and if you can pet him.  He's hilarious!  We love him deeply.  And are truly thankful for his lack of contribution to our need to pet him.  LOL

Ok so he was just groomed today and his face is already dirty.  He's a mess!!

Not sure what he's planning in the above photo but he's mysterious!  ha

Yes, I am in charge can you tell?

I am still not used to a point and shoot camera.  It's killing me.  Sometimes it flashes sometimes it doesn't.  ugh  But anyway that's Levi being Levi.  "No you can't take my picture"!

"You talking to me?"

Well that's my share for the day!  He's a spoiled mess!

Levi - Shih tzu ( or something of that nature in Cat language)

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