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Friday, July 22, 2011

A few teaser's before the preview. hehe

Above:  Don't ask how I ever made it as a photographer.  haha  I mean that's some serious crooked shooting!  hehe  Anyway, this will be Gabriel's desk.  He loves green! The book shelf appearing the to right will be Caitlin's.  That is why everything is PINK!

Below: Gabriel is enjoying our wireless Internet.  I set up a desk and comfy chair for me to workat as needed.  Lovely window view!  :)

Partial Room view.  We already had the rugs in their rooms before we moved and they match wonderfully.  I mean how God sent is that!  :)
This is our Florida/Sunroom.  Window A/C.  I am so thankful for the space!!  Lots of windows!
Wish I had it in me to paint.  But my back is killing me!  bummer

Below: This is Gavin's corner.  He likes the corner.  lol  He loves BLUE!  He is studying America this yr so a United States map is perfect!  I am still working on other possibilities for necessary charts and so forth!

Below: Caitlin's desk arrived damaged so we had to return and order another.  Hopefully coming today!!!   I am just as excited as she is, haha.  Our bedroom window is unfortunately behind this bookshelf and map.  But small sacrifices are necessary!  :)

So this is my project of the month.  Hoping to have a crisp, fun environment for school this yr.  When the set up is easy it makes for an easier school yr.  Not shuffling everything off the dining room table for every meal and not one is secluded to their room. 

I'll share more as it blossom's!  :)


  1. That's so nice that you have a dedicated spot! If Dallas and I aren't around a great christian school by the time Charlotte is school age we're definitely homeschooling. I'd love to have a basement to dedicate to homeschooling and crafting/laundry for our family. Good luck to you and hug the kids for me :)

  2. Such a nice large space. I love the windows and natural's a must for a happy me. ;-) Love your school room.

  3. i love the room pat! and i love the crooked shooting! hehe

  4. Getting everything together for school is always so much fun and a little crazy too. Looks like you have a nice size space for your schooling. What a blessing!

  5. Thanks for the comments! I really appreciate the encouragement! I am excited and sad to start. Excited to see my children growing and learning and sad to see our summer or fun go away! ha