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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hopeless! ROFL Don't you just love these titles!

I implemented this idea of "Allowance" to our children.  I was trying to find a way for them to learn to give, save and save to spend money.  A way to learn how it feels to do all three of these.  We don't completely have a understanding about money until it is our own that we are using. 

So I had this excellent idea that they could earn it in a sense.  I mean do the chores anyway but here's an incentive if you do them without complaint and you'll have a way to save for the things you feel you just have to have.  Instead of asking for "mom" and "dad" to buy them.  Oh I was sure this would motivate and I wouldn't be worried with regular asking about "can you buy me this".  Well, let's just say it didn't wuite turn out that way.  LOL

I am WEAK!!!  And I am unorganized!!  So I failed and they did too.  Everyday is a learning lesson, right?!  :)

I allowed myself to let them fail and then I didn't follow thru with the rules.  So as of today, not more WEAKNESS!!  I have you all to back me on this!  haha  If they didn't earn and save it then they don't get it!!!!!  Now that doesn't mean if we decide to get the kids something then so be it.  But not feeling bad and getting things they don't need or didn't care to wait for.  When I ask them if they'd saved and bought the item with their own money the story changes.  For instance: if I had known that was coming out of my money I wouldn't have bought it.  Oh, now they see how it feels to use their own money!  ha 

So anyway, I am hoping I have learned from my mistakes and we'll all be better for it.  (I didn't share all the details here but please know I don't buy tons of things for my kids.)

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  1. haha! We were at the store the other day and Kristy asked for gum. I told her she had money and was free to spend it on gum if she liked. I got the perplexed, thinking look and she decided not to buy. haha! Amazing how that happens!