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Friday, July 22, 2011


Well it's that time again when we have to make that desision about homeschooling or going to school somewhere out of the home. This is something I have struggled with just over the past two school yrs. I am constantly given advice from many well meaning people I'm sure but only to add the the frustration of making the decision. Is that a run on sentence? ha
So after much deliberation we have decided homeschooling it is for our family. We have spent 6 yrs homeschooling prior to last yr when we placed our young'ns in a local Christian school. And about half way through the yr I withdrew them. It became an unpleasant experience. Sadly I had hoped it would be wonderful and the children would absolutly love it. We will leave that right there.
Anyhow, with lots of prayer we choose homeschooling for now. God's made it possible and we are excited to have a space available for it as well. Will share pics soon! I have a few details to add. Hopefully as the room grows with excitement (artwork and so forth), I'll be able to share more. I am just so excited to get to spend more time with my children. They are the loves of my life (and of course my fabulous husband), and I can't wait to watch them learn and grow more everyday.
One thing I did want to address about homeschooling is I've been more and more influenced that my homeschooled children are suffering in some way by not being allowed to attend to school. I am so estactic that I have finally gained consciousness and can assure anyone concerned that my children will be just fine in life and will suffer no permanent damage from being homeschooled. Just saying. More to come from that later too! ha
So as we set out in our endeavor to homeschool I'll be journaling here, sharing what our strange homeschool world is all about! :)


  1. I think those are struggles and concerns we all have at times about our children. I hope this year goes beautifully for you.

  2. so glad you guys made the decisions and are at peace with it! we are considering homeschooling cici next year. it seems like such a huge responsibility, but i'm sure very rewarding. hope it is a great school year for you guys!