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Monday, September 12, 2011

A day in the life

You know I have OCD tendancies.  I can get pretty frantic over the simplist things!
It's pretty pathetic.  I wish I had the care free attitude sometimes so I could
over look the simplest things.  My living room stay pretty much loking like
the photo below. ha  I mean I fix it and within minutes it seems
here it is again:

I try to remind myself the children will only be young once.  It's not a big deal.
I just still feel that tension rise in my gut when I see this picture. hahaha

I suppose the smaller your home is it appears to be a wreck when only
a few things are out of place.  So that would mean my house appears out
of whack most of the time.  LOL

I am just being silly really but I am so sure I have some OCD running
around in this mind.  It's silly things like closing the shower curtain
after you shower or rinsing your dishes and placing them in the
opposite sink tub.  Putting your shoes where they belong when you take
them off. Or throwing your dirty clothes in the dirty laundry and not
leaving them where you took them off, like the floor.


I suppose most of you can relate to this.  It's just a day in the LIFE!

Hope you had a great day!  Be back soon with more interesting ranting! ha


  1. a day in the life is right! i really wish pillows were about the only thing i had to deal with in our living room, lol. i'm surprised i haven't ended up in the er yet for injured feet from blocks and stuff. maybe my feet have toughened up=)
    oh well, like you said, they will only be young once, and i'm sure there will be a day when we will miss these kind of things=)

  2. I sooo feel ya! I guess I'm OCD too, if wanting shoes put in the closet or dishes rinsed off is OCD! One day we'll miss it. That's what everybody tells me. :) BTW, I LOVE your banner!! It is so perfect. Did you make it yourself?

  3. Randy made it for me! Isn't it cool!!! :) He is so talented! Thanks for the feedback ladies! I don't know if it's OCD to like things put away or not but it's the underlying panic attack that occurs along with the need to have them put in their place! ROFL

  4. Lady, you don't even want to see my house right now! Ha ha! I tottally believe what you say in that the smaller the house the bigger the percieved mess. I just have Laundry out right now fro working on it and you'd think I haven't cleaned in 2 years. But our house is only 897sq ft so, the living room is tiny. It has helped me not to spaz so bad but that can be a bad thing too :) Ha ha, hope you have a great day and may all your cleaning dreams come true! ;D

  5. I wouldn't call it OCD, they have to learn it sometime. This is coming from someone who does not have a perfect house by any means. I actually think I may have AADD for all the projects and jobs I get started and don't finish. ;-)