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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Night GIVEAWAY!!!

I just love a good GiveAway!!!!!

I mean what's better on a Tuesday night??  LOL

Well I have another fabulous Hostess!!
She is a super fabulous friend and has a wonderful business.

(I took that pic, LOL  Just had to throw that in there. haha)

She has shared a mini Bio about herself to share:

I’m a Mary Kay beauty consultant who is trying to get some more customers. I love makeup and helping others with makeup. One of my favorite things about Mary Kay is that most of their products they allow you to sample with no need to buy! I started selling Mary Kay because I love the products! My personal opinion is that they work better and last longer than any other products. (and trust me I have tried them all!) However, I know everyone has their own preference, I just ask that people try a sample to see if they don’t agree with me! :):) Another reason I decided to sell Mary Kay is because my health doesn’t allow me to work a regular job. However, I still wanted to be able to help make money and this offers me the opportunity make my own work schedule around my health problems. Most of all Mary Kay is a product that I believe in and have personally seen amazing results from not only myself but others as well! 

Another Link to her website:

Be sure to go by and share some love with her.  Buy everything she sells!
I want to be sure we support her for being so willing to GIVE!  :)
And the other business's that have been so kind! Make sure to visit
all their sites.  I'll be sure they are on my list of favorites!

I suppose you are all wondering what the BIG GIVEAWAY is this time.....

Becci has so graciously offered:



Some samples:
eye shadow and blush

How AWESOME is that??!!!???!!

I am so excited to share this!!


Now for the RULES!!  haha
Large text just seems so scary and with the RULES in there it just is funny! ha
Anyway, see how I get sidetracked so easily!

1. You HAVE to comment!!!  :)
If you don't, you CAN'T WIN!  LOL

2. So comment below, make SURE TO MENTION YOUR NAME!!!

3. Next we'd like to know if you've ever used Mary Kay before???
And if so: what you bought and how much you liked it!

4. If you get 5 friends to comment and leave your name in the comment as well,
not only will you be entered into the drawing for each friend but
you will be entered into an additional drawing for a
$5 Starbucks Gift Card!!

So let's get this party started.
To allow a little time for each of you to share with your friends
I will extend the Conclusion of this GIVEAWAY until
Thursday, Sept. 15th at 8 PM

So all comments must be made by then.
We will have the drawing at that time
and then post the WINNERS here!!

So be sure to keep an eye on this and get your friends over to participate!!

Forgot to mention:
If you have trouble posting. Use the: Name/URL option!!
Just enter your name if you don't have a website or blog
to share!  This is a Blogspot issue!  Sorry!



  1. Well, My name is Amber Keever and I'm a mascara-holic :) Ha ha! Seriously! I haven't used Mary Kay since I was 14ish and unfortunately I bought a purpley lip stick, so, yeah that's embarassing to admit! Anyways, thanks for the give aways they are so much fun!

  2. I love the Mary Kay timewise products and I am rooting for you Amber Keever! :)

  3. Hey! I'm Lori J.and I love MarKay products. I've used them off and on for years. I love pretty much everything, and would like to maybe try using it again. Good luck with your business Becci!

  4. Hey, my name is Jessica. And I use a lot of mary kay products because my mom sells them! :) But I'm doing this for Amber Keever!!

  5. Hi Im Cathy Sandiford and I've used Mary Kay before. I like Mary Kay and I LOVE free gifts!!!!! So I love this blog :)

  6. yo yo, my name is diana huff;) i have used mk products before (it's been a while), and had some of their eye shadow. can't remember which ones i used though. it was a natural looking palette. hope your business takes off becci!

  7. My name is Bethany Thompson and I have never used MK products before. I love mascara so this seems like a great deal!
    Good Luck Becci!

  8. I love the Mary-Kay timewise products!! And I recently switched over to MK foundation!! :) but I am doing this for Amber Keever!! :) good luck Amber!!!!!!!!!!