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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Morning GiveAway!!! Woohoo!!

I am so excited to announce todays GiveAway!!!!

My sweet friend Tabitha was so kind and is hosting this
awesome GiveAway!!


And the beautiful piece she so generously is giving away:

Premier Designs Botanical Necklace
Sells for $27

You can visit her website here:

Tabitha can help you find the perfect pieces that you'll cherish for a long time to come.
If you contact her she'd be glad to help you find out how you can get free Jewelry!

Rules for this GiveAway are:

We shall keep it as simple as possible.

We are looking for new friends to meet and share
our crazy stories with.
So all you have to do is comment below and tell us if you've
ever purchased from Premier Designs before??

And be sure to share the site with your friends.
If they come and comment and mention your name, you
will be entered into the drawing everytime someone mentions your name.

So be sure you share your name so we may contact you if you are the WINNER!

If you feel led, click on follow this blog to stay tuned!
We will try to have regular giveaways and amusement along the way!

So let's get this started!  Comment away!

OH and we conclude this GiveAway Sunday morning at 8AM.

If you are having trouble commenting here, try using the name
and URL option.  I for some reason can not comment on
other blogs either.  What a pain! You can also go to my Facebook
and let me know you can't comment!  I will enter you
from there!
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  1. What a lovely necklace. I have never purchased premier design jewelry myself, but I do own a few pieces I received as gifts.

  2. I have never bougfht from her before but I will be sure to check her products out. Beautiful!

  3. Hi! I've purchased Premier for my sister's birthdays and also recieved some for my birthday and Christmas :) Love Premier!

  4. Hi!I love Premier and buy any time I have money!!

  5. Never purchased premier design jewelry but it sure does look pretty! :)

  6. I have purchased sevral pieces of Premier and Tabitha is my niece and is a fantasic jeweler!! Renae

  7. I was directed here by today's blog post on All Things Beautiful. I have the Premere Designs Firecracker necklace/bracelet set. My sister had an evening where 15% of all of her friends sales went toward getting a companion dog for her autistic daughter. So my OTHER sister bought it for me for Christmas! Yay! Now I'm ready to be all gussied up for the big Ohio State Buckeye games!

  8. I love Premier and have purchased a lot of jewelry from Tabitha! -Deanna