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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Baby Boy

My neighbor had a Baby Boy a few days ago!

I have spoke to them a few times but we really haven't
been able to get to know one another.  People are busy and it's
hard to throw yourself at someone like you are needy for friends
or something!  LOL  Can't you see me doing that?  eeek! ha

Well I wanted to give them something and well I have some fabric
from some time ago I was making all kinds of things. 

And with my recent "bag" making I felt compelled to make
a bag and blanket.  How fun!  On Sunday afternoon I cut the
bag and blanket out and then last night I sewed it all together!

I love to SEW!!! 

Well here is my creation.  Now all I have to do it is feel better
from this miserable headache and shower so I can give it to her!  ha

By the way, the babies name is: Jackson!  How cute is that!!

Now I'm off to hopefully get rid of the headache, tummy ache and
find something else to make!!

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