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Thursday, November 3, 2011

What a day

I've held off writing.  Trying to decide what is proper to share and what is too personal.  Sometimes we share too much and sometimes we bottle things up when we might help others if we share.  Who knows?  It's a catch 22.  Whatever that means.  haha 

Gabe has been to Dr. after Dr.  It's truly been a long road.  After yrs. of telling us he's sick and doesn't feel well I feel we've finally came to the place God wants us to be.  Not that it ends here but that we have reached the point that we just might have some answers.  But those answers still feel like an eternity. 

It's so troubling when you take your child to one Dr. and they think one thing and another Dr. thinks another thing.  And they are conflicting.  Or even another Dr. is drawing at straws and has not even the slightest clue but not willing to help you find "for sure" what the culprit might be.  It's just so mind boggling to me.

I know our issues seem so small compared to life threatening illnesses and even death itself.  And I would never undermine the hurt that is involved in those circumstances.  So please don't mistake my whining with self pity, that our world is unbearable or worse than others.  That is so far from the truth.  But this is our valley at this given time.  It has good days and bad days.  I am thankful daily for what God has blessed us with and without.

A few months back Gabe's therapist decided to refer him to a NeuroPsychologist.  (Very well paid and very educated persons)  Just in case you're asking "say who??". ha   We went and had an initial consultation a couple of months ago and finally this week, Wednesday and Thursday, we went for a total of 4 hrs. of testing.  I suppose you'd call it testing for learning curves, differences.  Basically they determine if your child might have one or more of: Autism, Aspergers, PPD, ADD, ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, etc...  This list goes on. 

Gabe seemed to be quite hyper and happy when I would return to get him both days.  Very interesting.  I've asked and asked about what he asked him and what they did.  Not much response but a few things.  One of the questions he told me the Dr. asked was: "why do people put stamps on envelopes?".  Gabe told me he didn't know the answer.  I was floored.  Anyway, another question was: "why does the government test meat before it is sold?".  He had no clue about that one either.  Of course he has now been informed in both areas. LOL  What threw me is what does that have to do with anything??  hahaha  I suppose that is why I am not getting paid to do what this Specialist does.  haha  I have thought and thought, "how on earth does that tell him anything?"  LOL  Oh well!

So long story short.  We have to wait 2 weeks to return for results.  I just want to hybernate and wait it out.  Not do anything until I get answers.  I keep telling myself we made it this far!  What is 2 weeks?  Well if you're me and have been watching your child suffer for all these yrs. IT'S A LIFETIME!!  I know God is in control, not me.  It's just been so hard.  I think my drive to P'cola that day will be the longest driver EVER.  rotfl  You that know me, can't you see me???  People will pull over and get out of my way because I'll look so crazy!  ha 

So all in all!  I feel like we are so close to finding that central piece of the puzzle that has had us so tripped up and searching.  But I am also so impatient.  Pray these next two weeks fly at the speed of light for us.  So we can begin the new chapter of our sons healing!  God Bless!!


  1. Just want to let you know I am still praying for you on this issue. I hope you are able to get answers that can give you a direction to head. I hate the waiting game, so I know how you feel on this one. Patience was/is not my strong point.

  2. Thank you so much Sweet Friend! Waiting is not my strong point either. I am some better than when I was younger but I still struggle with it. I just want some closure so bad!! God is good and I know He has a purpose for us all. We are perfectly and wonderfully made. I keep telling Gabriel that. He just doesn't understand why he has to feel this way. It breaks my heart that I can't heal him myself. Thank you for the prayers and God Bless! Praying fo you and your sweet unborn baby! :)

  3. I read this yesterday on my phone and just couldn't reply. Just gripped my heart. I know how in comparison it may seem small to others, but when it's your child suffering it just breaks your heart to see them suffer any. Reminds me how much our Lord loves us; if I feel this way for my child and yet, his ways and thoughts are above ours. It helps to have perspective, to recognize the suffering of others, so that you can remember the many blessings you have. But, please don't feel the need to be apologetic for having a mother's heart which feels frustration, anguish, compassion, and the need to protect the ones God gave you to protect. Hope you have some useful answers soon. Love, Hugs & Prayers for you!!

  4. I love the way you describe this as being your valley! I struggle with the "guilt" feeling after expressing aggitation or whatever due to things in life because, like you, I know that so many are dealing with much bigger and scarier issues. That being said, the size of your struggle doesn't make it less of a struggle. Thank you for the image of walking through the valley, I needed to read that and visualize for myself. That short statement struck me like a lightening bolt. Again, thank you.

    I could not agree more with A Plain not ever apologize for what you feel, especially on your child's behalf. As parents, we are our child's best advocate! Who knows your child better than you? Who loves your child more than you? I am a true believer in parental instinct!

    I empathize with your impatience! I am not very patient and I do not like unfinished or unresolved things.

    I will pray for resolve, patience, and comfort!!! Most of all, I will pray that a certain path is found to help Gabe now and forever with anything that ails him. As, I will for your entire wonderful family!

    But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. Romans 8:25

  5. Thank you all so much! I soo needed that encouragement. Some of the Dr.s we see are not very encouraging. And it wears on me. I've made it a day, now for the next 13. ha I know your prayers will make all the difference! Gabriel was crying at random today. Telling me things that just are so frightening and upsetting to say the least. I pray God will give Gabriel some peace. Love you all!! Thank you again! Praying for each of your families!!

  6. {{{Gabe}}} Hugs! praying for peace and comfort!