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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


We have another AWESOME GiveAway!!!

This one truly touches my heart!

A very thoughtful and caring, anonymous person made
a donation to purchase this beautiful
piece for me to GIVE one of you!!

Have you ever heard of:

(borrowed from the website)


If you have, then you already know about what a great work they are doing
for Orphans internationally.

And even so, it's always great to be reminded so we
don't forget those in need.

Here is a bit of information from the website:
Over a decade ago, our family began taking small steps to share directly with others who were helping the needy in struggling places around the world. We had no idea where those small steps would lead. Today Heart of the Bride is providing for hundreds of orphans, street kids, and vulnerable women through personal relationships. We are an international family, and we continue to grow through relationships. We meet new partners through missionaries and through our existing global partners. We meet new contributors through those who are already participating in this work. We want to continue to grow, but we are committed to expand with a focus on relationship. You are welcomed to join our family. So take a look around and get to know the people we are helping. HOB Ministries at a Glance would be the best place to take your first step, and if you want to know more, feel free to contact us directly.  Tony Gibson  -  Founder
HOB At A Glance -
Heart of the Bride was established in 1998 as a non-profit organization dedicated to helping provide for the needs of orphans around the world. Our primary mission is to Share From Our Abundance With Those In Greatest Need.
We provide Loving Homes, Education, Discipleship, and Economic Opportunities for over 400 orphans in Haiti, Kenya, Uganda, Ukraine, and Zambia.
What a mission, right?  That is why getting the news out about their ministry to so important.  We can support them many ways but the one I am pointing out today is the Back to Africa Jewelry they sell to support this mission.
Simply Gorgeous

And plenty more styles to choose from!
Prices are unbelievably affordable and with every purchase
you are helping others for such a small price.
Today's GiveAway  is:
Rafiki Wrap Bracelet

Comes in a nice netted bag with satin drawstring.

Ok, now you ask how do I WIN??
Well, I really want to make an impact for this ministry.

1. So, First you need to click on this link:
and then click "LIKE" this page.

2. Show them some love by posting on their page!

3. Comment here on my blog and let us know if you've ever bought a jewelry piece from them.

4. Be sure to share this with ALL your friends!  The more comments from friends you get and they mention your name, the more chances you'll have to win!!
(you will be entered for your own comment and once for every "friend" comment that mentions your name in the comments area)
You can click the little Facebook icon below this post to share on your Facebook!

5. Make sure you visit the two websites I shared to begin with and get to know them better!  :)

6. Pray for this ministry that God has placed on their hearts!!!

** Commenting on the blog can be a bit difficult at times.  It's not my fault.  Blogger has a set of it's own issues.  I do aplogize!  I find that if I choose:  Name/URL or Anonymous and then type my name either into the "Name" box or into the "comment" area I can post a comment.  I will be honest.  I've had to try more than once.  I am not happy about it but for now I can't fix it.  So please be patient and give it a try!!  Thank you for participating!!!

You can comment and invite friends until
Saturday, October 15th, 8p.m.
At that time we will tally all the comments and
use one of our super drawing specialists to find our winner!
I am super excited about this opportunity and hope we can help make a difference in this world!
God Bless!
Over a decade ago, our fami


  1. Wow! I think that I've heard of them before. I've never personally bought a piece though. It is very pretty and I would love to win this give away and when I'm able I will definitely look into purchasing a few pieces!!

  2. Wonderful ministry of God! Beautiful handmade jewerly..I know them very well..Ms. Faith has always been a good friend to me. I love to go and vistit them..just to have a chat or two. It's a blessing when you talk to Ms. Faith...She always puts a smile on my face and all the laides there do too! ♥ Tanya ♥

  3. I love when I see their pieces! I have never bought from them yet though. Have a great day everyone:)

  4. Hey Pat. It's Laurie. I haven't bought a piece yet but intend to do so for gifts soon. This is an awesome ministry!

  5. Hi Guys! I haven't ever bought from them but Shauna had bought us some jewelry from a party that Tanya had a while back, a back to Africa party. It's a bracelet that has a bunch of colors and I can wear it with practically anything!

  6. I haven't heard of them before. They do have beautiful pieces and a low prices. It makes me wonder how much they actual make to pass on to the ministry. I guess in some cases a little goes a long way.

    I was reading a book about missions in other countries. One of the national missionaries came to the states for sponsored schooling or something like that. The thing that shocked him the most was how much money we spent on buildings (church), houses and furniture and how far that same money could go in reaching lost souls. He simply couldn't understand the waste and willingness to spend on such unnecessary things for the eternity of a soul. It makes one think.

  7. I hear you Steph! From what I understand these pieces are made by the people of Africa and they are paid to do so. This is a local group from Niceville. They sell these pieces and the money is used for this ministry. It is a great way for some to contribute and a way to spread the word about Heart of the Bride. Everytime someone sees a piece it's an opportunity to share the needs of others!!

  8. amen steph! i've visited churches, looked at their fancy chandeliers and thought, "well that's money that could've went to building a fresh water well in a third world country somewhere in the world, that could've helped the poor and needy, and furthered Christ's kingdom." our culture is so materialistic, even our churches.

    i've never bought jewelry from them. they are beautiful!

  9. I personally have not bought any of these but my D-I-L has and they are beautiful pieces and what a wonderful ministry.

  10. I saw the jewelry locally and they are beautiful! I am planning a trip to the store soon so I can really take a look and find the piece that speaks most to me. Jewelry is so personal and when it is made with so much hope, it will mean ever so much! Sharon Mikus