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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Business

I've always believed you can make a business from anything if you truly "LOVE" what you do.  Your passion for it flows onto other people and they know you love what you do.

Several of my friends have their own businesses.  You can feel that passion for what they do.

I have tried many different businesses over the course of yrs. staying at home with my children.  Some more stressful than others.  Some just weren't meant to be at all.

All my life I've wanted to have my very own business.  Whether a small boutique with clothing or even a thrift store that people can go to for great savings.  I've always known that I was meant to do it. 

It is with great excitement that I announce I am now a new consultant with Thirty-One.  If you are familiar with Thirty-One then I am sure you know why I love them so much!  I am a huge bag lover.  If I had a lot of money (this statement is too funny), I would own every choice in the catalog.  But with great resistance I will refrain!  :)  ha  But seriously, I've always loved bags, handbags, beach bags, overnight bags, backpacks, lunch bags, suitcases, cosmetic bags, wallets, giant carry all bags, bags you organize with whether it be in the car or closet.  I love them! 

God works in wonderful ways.  I have looked for a way to work from home and continue to be in God's will.  I homeschool and love it.  Thirty-One will allow me to stay at home with my children and do something I have always wanted to do.  AND (I love that word), I get to sell BAGS!!  How incredible is that.  I can share my inner passion with others.  And meet new friends along the way!  And guess what??  "Thirty-One" stands for?  Proverbs 31.
A company after my own heart.  I am so inspired!

Hope you'll support my adventure with PRAYER!  I need all I can get!

If you or you know someone interested in learning more about "Thirty-One", please comment or click on the two links to my webpage and give me a call or shoot me an email!  I'd love to talk more about it!  God Bless!

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