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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I am so Ashamed!

I have abandoned the blog!  You ever go through a time you feel like you just have nothing to say.  Well I suppose that's where I've been.  Yeah, I know those that KNOW me are saying "sure, YOU hae nothing to say."  LOL  Well that's all I can come up with.  I am funny sometimes about what I share.  Every now and then I feel I've been a little too open with my feelings and shared a little too much!

BUT!  I am sooooo ready to get back on here and share.  I am going to revamp my style and share photos with every post.  Photos are my world!  I love to look at pictures and allow everything to come to life that I read.  So all my posts from now on will have photos!

At the moment I am helping the kids with their school so I don't have too much time to share.  But I want to give a shout out to some dear sweet friends that bless us continuously!!  I have wanted a dining room table that was big enough for our family for YEARS!!  Seriously.  They are so expensive.  Even the thrift store hasn't been a good source for a dining room table.  I was just at the point of me and my father building a rustic one from scrap wood at his house.  (By the way, my Dad is so awesome!  And yes my Mother is just as Awesome!) So I get this call offering me a dining room table!!!  I am so excited.  God is so good!  I know some of you are thinking, seriously!  Well YES SERIOUSLY!!  So here's a quick snap of the kids having our first SUPPER on our awesome new dining room table!  Oh and yes that is a laptop with a movie playing down there at the end of the table.  We do that sometimes.  Don't judge.  LOL  It's fun!  haha

Photo doesn't do it much justice but it's very nice and we LOVE it!  We joke like we are sitting so far away that we fake yelling across the table to ask someone to pass the salt.  ha

See ya soon!


  1. Just checking the comments. It doesn't always work? LOL

  2. So happy for you. I love blessings like that. They mean more to us who need them. ;-) Your table looks nice too.

  3. Yaaa a new table!! I too have a simple wish for a dining room table! But we don't have a dining room!LOL. Oh well, one day!! I love you guys and wish we could spend more time together. I am proud of you both.You have a beautiful family and I am proud to call you my friends! Always, Tracy

  4. Thanks Stephanie. They sure do. I always get so excited when someone gives me something or I find a great deal. True blessings.
    Thank you Tracy. Love you old friend. Miss you. If give you a table if u had a place for it. :)