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Monday, January 14, 2013

Extremely Excited

While I normally seem to have nothing great to say about the struggles of autism I'd like to share some positive today.  (I mean this in a form of sarsasm)
I'm guessing with time and maturity and maybe even a feeling of less anxiousness we have been able to go to bed at night without hours of crying and fit throwing.  This is a huge step.  Just when I thought "how can I possibly live the rest of my life without a good nights sleep!" He has simmered down some.  I'm extremly EXCITED!!  Even if he is struggling with sleep.  He let's me know and I ask him to lay back down.  He even puts himself on the couch to sleep without telling me most nights.  Less crying!  More self calming!  I am so proud of his growth.  This is a huge step for him!
I just had to take a second to share a HUGE change for us.
Thanks for praying for us!
I'll be back eventually with a more informative post about some sort of complete nonsense!  :)

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  1. That's great! It's easy to get frustrated when we haven't accomplished the "big" goal, but it's the little steps along the way that make it happen! Praying for continued progress and SLEEP!! :)