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Monday, March 21, 2011

Again, It's been tooooo long!

I get in this phase where I just don't have much to say. haha I suppose that's why I've never been a writer! Not to mention the lack of correct Grammar that I have troule with. :)

But I love to talk don't get me wrong. LOL I know those that know me can even hear me talking as they read this. Which is so strange because as a child I was shy for the most part. Well not as shy as my children can be. haha See I just ramble.

So excited about this awesome weather we have been blessed with. It's Spring Break for us this week and it's the most excellent beach weather. We enjoyed soaking up some sun and fun yesterday. Just beautiful!!

You know they say things happen in three's. I for instance am constantly in some sort of disarray. Something's breaking or something's not happening the way I had hoped. Imagine that! I suppose we all have our issues but they seem to come at me ona regular basis. I am guessing it's because of the way I handle it. It's like I need to LEARN how to manage catastrophy. I'm more of the "freak out" immediately and then calm as time passes. haha I am getting better though. Or so I think. :) So anyway, the dryer tried me this week. I put a load in and when I came back to it with another load it was still wet. I assumed I had mistakenly forgot to turn it on but I could almost see myself turning it on. Oh well, so I turn it on. I come back later to find the clothes NOT dry again!! EEEEEKKKK!!! hahaha This is where panic sets in. WHAT, I can't wash anything and have so much going on. Needless to say it's been a very difficult and busy few days without being able to wash clothes for 5 people. But low and behold we found it wash a small part that could be simply replaced but had to wait till today for the appliance store to be open! And bam it WORKS!! Hallelujah!! But now I have DAYS worth of laundry to do. This could take WEEKS!!! LOL See how I PANIC!! Oh well, thank goodness for a dryer!

So I am off to wash ALL those clothes! Hoping I don't get buried alive in there somewhere! Hoping to have some funnies to share soon! I need to keep pen and paper available all the time to keep up with it all. These kids keep me cracking up all the time. Life is so crazy here but I LOVE IT!

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