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Monday, April 12, 2010

It's been so long, where to start?

Spring has Sprung and we are in earthly heaven. LOL We love Spring, except for all the nasty pollen and severe sneezing, headaches, stuffy noses, coughing, etc... Did I say we Love Spring. After that list you might wonder how that is possible? LOL I have thankfully discovered ZYRTEC. Several yrs ago I was very sick with unknown answers. I was sent to an Allergist after over a yr of tests and treatments. This wonderful God directed man put me on all kinds of Antihistamines and let me tell you, LIFE SAVER! My body did finally correct itself after moving from the residence that is believed to be the cause of my sickness. I praise God for deliverance! I have continued the Zytrec as I do have bad allergies and I take it faithfully twice a day during allergy season. SOooooo, for me I LOVE SPRING! ha But my poor children suffer greatly.

We have been enjoying every minute we can of the great outdoors. I love the sunshine and nice breeze. God is so good!

Caitlin learned to ride her bike without training wheels recently. I know what you're thinking? "She just learned at 11 yrs old?" Yes, we lived in the country and training wheels are the pits out there and she just told herself she couldn't ride without them. So it was something we just put off and now she can't stop riding. She would ride all day long if we let her. hehe I love to see her riding. Her face lights up with accomplishment. It's such a joy to see them learning and growing. Now for the boys. That's sure to be a task! hehe

We accumilated another dog. Her name is Sadie. She is a hoot. Her and Levi our Shiht Zu didn't hit it off right away. He wasn't happy about her at all. They have since made friends and play most of the day. I just love them both! Dogs can be such a pleasure added to your family. They can make you smile even in the worst of times. They love you unconditionally no matter what you look like when you wake up! ROFL

School is coming along. I think constantly about the last day! ha I know the kids do as well. We just want to have fun, is that so bad? :) I don't think I ever grew up in that area! We have testing (SAT) the next two days. They are not the least bit excited about it but it's required and I'm praying they'll do their best. It can be strenuous when you are not used to a classroom environment and complete strangers surround you. Last yr they left the answers blank that they didn't know, YIKES! I said "don't do that again!" GUESS! haha I mean better than leaving it blank! :)

Hoping to have some pics to share real soon! I've been so busy and time is of the essence these days! Hope all of you are well and enjoying these short Spring days. Summer is around the corner and we'll all be wishing for some Fall weather. heehee.

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