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Friday, December 11, 2009

A new day!

Well I am apalled! Can you believe my Dad thinks I deserve all the nagging and punishment I get from my children! Imagine! I was an angel child. Never complained, always doing as I was told. Goodness, I told him the Bible says to love thy neighbor and how he shouldn't wish evil upon anyone. hahaha

We had a good laugh about it. I did say that I have it three fold in return so I guess it's a good enough pay back as far as he goes. hehe

I can see myself in everyone of my children and then I also notice Randy's personality in them as well. It's funny and scary to think about.

I mean can u imagine my children behaving like me. I have a lot to worry about. I have spent most of my life in the "live and learn mode". And it's been hard. The sad thing is I am aware of it and still struggle! Oh well.

Thank the Lord He is merciful and forgiving! I hope to be more like Him if I can!


  1. haha, my parents use to tell me, "you just wait til you have kids!" well, now i have them, and i sure hope they turn out nothing like me cause i was a horrible kid, and worse teenager. oh, and i am in the "live and learn mode" as well. instead of wisely learning from someone else's mistake, seems i always have to experience them to learn myself=/ not the best of ways i guess. oh well, i'll be perfect one day. in heaven lol. but pat, you have a beautiful family, and a beautiful heart, and it's obvious that you are training your kids in the ways of the Lord. they will grow to be so thankful for having a wonderful mom like you. you are one of the sweetest people i know, i wish everyone was as nice as you=) (including me)

  2. Thank you Diana! I don't deserve your kind words. You are a blessing to me and I always have thought so much of you and how sweet and loving you are. Miss you so much!