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I'm a silly person and love a good chuckle! I believe I am a bit on the ditsy side but who's keeping score?! ha On a more serious note: I love the Lord with all my heart, mind and soul! And my husband and children (family) are the most important things in my life! Hope I can be a blessing to those of you willing to torture yourselves and read this blog! LOL

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Monday, September 21, 2009


I meant to keep up with this blog! I have the most ridiculous things happen from day to day as many of you may experience as well. Things have been a bit chaotic to say the least and I haven't been able to experience much fun to share! Boohoo! hehe

I do have to let you in on a little secret. My middle child is unable to keep secrets! ROFL He actually likes to repeat things you say but change them to what he interpreted you said. Or just say you said something that you might not have said. His latest attempt to mimic me was embarassing to say the least. After I corrected him that I had NOT said such a thing his exact words were: "well somebody said it"! LOL I can't get enough of that child. He is going to be a tell it like he thinks it is person! Gotta love them children. ha

And this is our little secret! Remember that from my initial comment! hehe
He wouldn't like it very much if he knew MOM were telling his secrets! So it's just between us, ok?! :)

Anyhow, that's all I got for tonight. But I plan to start making notes of my day so I can share. I believe I am at the beginning stages of Dementia. I can't remember much of anything anymore! It's been happening for a while but gotten really bad lately! Pray for me! LOL

Oh and doesn't he look like a sweet, innocent thing? :) He is, he is..


  1. TOO funny Pat! Well, at least your son has to make things up about what you said... ahem... too often our sweet little innocent girls repeated things we actually said! *sigh* I know, we are supposed to be perfect and not actually SAY things we don't want repeated...

    Anyway, it's not dementia, it's stress!!! A good super B complex supplement should help you out some. My goodness woman you do SO many things in a day NO ONE could keep it all straight!! :)

  2. haha Thanks Gina! I do admit sometimes he does say "what I actually said" as well! LOL I'd just like to think it wasn't! haha